GREEN-VAN-ART-USA Blog Introduction
1  First Northeast Trip in the Green Van
June 23/1980 to August 11/1980 
50 Days
2  First Midwest to West Coast Trip in the Green Van
August 15/1980 to December 23/1980
48 days
3  First Trip Up and Down the West Coast in the Green Van
October 08/1980 to November 6/1980
30 Days
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4  First Greenvan Trip Via Northern States to West Coast and Southern California
August 26/1981 to Aug 14/1982
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5 Second Greenvan Trip Via Northern States to West Coast and Sourthern California
June 12/1984 to September 17/1984
27 states  12,864.2 miles
Click on the map to see full page image. The colored routes on the map will be listed under the appropriate trips below.
*Light Blue on the Map*
*Light Blue with Some Overlap* on Return
*Light blue  on map following* the coast up to San Francisco down to San Diego
51 Days Out-Oct 17 to Aug 6 Layover in California with 3 Day LA Trip-8 Day Return Trip
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